Getting Started

TangiTrade is a powerful, member-owned network managed by trade experts. Are you ready to optimize your business and free up cash?

Once you sign up, you’ll be issued a personal Member Card. Any member of your business or family can also be issued a personal card to use within the trade network. You’ll also be given instructions to set up a login and password to manage your account online.


Cash Reserve Account

You will have a Trade Account as well as a Cash Reserve Account (CRA). Your CRA is where your 10% transaction fee is drawn when you make a purchase. You can also use this account to add a tip when appropriate. Your fee/tip will be automatically deducted from your CRA, while your purchase will be deducted from your Trade Account.

You can add funds to your CRA online or within the app.
Be sure to do this prior to making a purchase with your Trade Account.

You will receive an email when your CRA drops below $50 (or your requested notification amount). If there is not enough in your CRA to cover your charge, your trade transaction will not be processed. Be sure to use the app to add funds even on the go!


Guidelines for Buying with Trade

1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
2. Before you make your next cash purchase, call your exchange office to see if what you need is available on trade.
3. Treat trade as cash. When possible, get various quotes and review the quality of goods and services before you make a purchase.
4. The buyer should identify themselves as a TangiTrade member when calling the contact of the company on the directory.
5. Gratuities are always payable in cash, but are also payable using funds in your Cash Reserve Account.
6. Transaction Fees of 10% for trade purchases will automatically deduct from your CRA at the point of sale.
7. Prior to spending, it is wise to make sure that you have the Cash Reserve funds to cover the fee and gratuity (if applicable).


Guidelines for Selling with Trade

1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
2. Your fellow members go out of their way, driving past your competition and ending current business partnerships, to do business with you for trade. Educate your team members on treating these clients with extra care!
3. Return calls in a timely fashion.
4. For your protection, call the office for approval on large transactions.
5. Process trade transactions the same day.
6. Charge prevailing prices and 100% in trade.
7. Processing a transaction -- typically the seller is responsible for processing the transaction --
but it can be processed by either party.
8. You can process a transaction through your online account, via the mobile app,
or by calling 225-603-0610 during business hours.


Our trade exchange is overseen by an elected board of directors. This incorporates accountability at every level and gives our members a voice in how we operate.
"I have made purchases with Moxey for fifteen years and the difference is being member-owned, a high degree of accountability, and the highest quality group of members."
- Evan Pyle,
Expert Window Cleaning
"Recently we purchased a new office for our Baton Rouge location. We hired everyone from electricians and plumbers to painters and landscapers. For our entire renovation, we used over 25 different vendors and spent over $35K in Moxey!"
- Bart & Tracey Zimmerman,
American Printing
"Moxey has had a huge impact on my business' growth and development. I've been able to renovate and expand my business, which helped me save a lot of cash in the process."
- Zane Bell,
Tint Masters
You could keep letting your cash slip through your fingertips.
- or -
You could join TangiTrade today and open your business to new possibilities.
Are you ready?