Why bother with barter?

Well, when it’s all said and done, the real benefit to bartering is to drive you business that would have otherwise gone to your competitors. Business networking, with the incentive of the barter dollar, directs others within the trade network to your business.

Most people want to go with the first option they find, or maybe the cheapest, closest, or just to someone they know personally. We’re changing the habits of those buyers; no longer will they go to just any vendor. With the barter currency available, they’ll direct their purchasing decisions to members within the network. No more spending cash for those same products and services from your competition. They’ll spend their Moxey with you, instead.
TangiTrade members use their Moxey card to make transcations with other businesses in the network.

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Getting started with TangiTrade is simple.


Simply sign up by answering a few questions to let our team know you’re ready.


Use our handy Member Directory to find business in our network that offer the services you need.


Trade your services with other businesses in the network and hold on to your cash. You earned it!

So how does this actually work?

TangiTrade works in facilitating barter for its members much like a clearinghouse does for stocks, or a commercial bank does for checks. As an intermediary, the organization receives a commission on each transaction while saving our members the trouble of finding a match for their services and dealing with collections. Each member holds an account of trade dollars (called Moxey), which is maintained by TangiTrade. Transactions are credited to each member’s account immediately, so there is no need to deal with receivables, collections or bad debts.

What makes TangiTrade so special?

TangiTrade is entirely member owned. Member ownership insures the highest level of fiscal accountability. It also creates the needed investment from its members to grow by referral; monitor member behavior; and, most importantly, protect the value of the trade currency. All TangiTrade members and staff work to create and maintain the strongest and healthiest economy, and currency, possible.

Can you tell me more about Moxey?

Moxey is a unique digital currency that creates a powerful competitive advantage for businesses that accept it as a form of payment. The Moxey guarantee: new customers, higher revenue & better cash flow.

Not finding the right answers?

If you’re not finding the answers to your questions about TangiTrade on this page, feel free to Contact Us and we’ll be more than happy to help out!
"I have made purchases with Moxey for fifteen years and the difference is being member-owned, a high degree of accountability, and the highest quality group of members."
- Evan Pyle,
Expert Window Cleaning
"Recently we purchased a new office for our Baton Rouge location. We hired everyone from electricians and plumbers to painters and landscapers. For our entire renovation, we used over 25 different vendors and spent over $35K in Moxey!"
- Bart & Tracey Zimmerman,
American Printing
"Moxey has had a huge impact on my business' growth and development. I've been able to renovate and expand my business, which helped me save a lot of cash in the process."
- Zane Bell,
Tint Masters
You could keep letting your cash slip through your fingertips.
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